Online Training Update – Online Training Tips from Adobe


Many of you may be aware that the Illinois EI Training Program has been experiencing some technical difficulties with online trainings that are hosted on a server supported by Adobe. We have done our best to listen to your concerns and have appreciated your patience throughout this long and difficult process to identify and remedy the problems. We have been working closely with Adobe engineers that are at their highest level of support and we can assure you that this is a priority of theirs as much as it is ours.

Adobe is working to determine if the issues are connected to a possible bug within their server, if they are based on how participants interact with the online training, or perhaps a combination of both server and user issues that are preventing some people from successfully complete a training module. The good news is there are some people not experiencing any difficulties and for those of you that are, please know you are not alone.

We appreciate your continued patience and we especially thank those of you who have taken additional time to work with us to troubleshoot and test some of the remedies have been trying. Your perseverance will help us figure this out as fast as we possibly can. For now we would like to offer some online training tips that have come from the recommendations that Adobe has shared with us through this process.

Online Training "Rules of the Road"

  1. Plan enough time to complete a module once you start it.
  2. Go through the module in consecutive order without moving forward or backward.
  3. Do not exit the module mid-way through or pause it for any great length of time.
  4. If you need to take a break in between modules, close the window that shows your curriculum information and log back in (using the link from your Adobe registration email) when you are ready to begin the next module.
  5. Please make sure you have a strong and consistent internet connection to the best of your ability.  A disruption to your internet connection will impact the data reported to our server even though the preloaded module will continue to play for you.
  6. Once you begin a quiz finish all the questions in that quiz without moving backward.  Once you view the quiz score slide do not move back into the quiz.
  7. If you get stuck in the future, try to clear your cache by logging out and holding down control and F5 and then log back in
  8. If you followed all these instructions and still can't successfully navigate through or complete the course then email to inform them of the online training you are in, the difficulties you are experiencing, and the steps you have taken to try to remedy the problem.

If you have taken the course in its entirety in one sitting and successfully completed each quiz question without any forward or backward movement in the quiz but are still experiencing difficulties then please log out, clear your cache in your web browser by holding down Control (CTRL) and F5, and then log back in. If this still doesn't work then please email with a detailed account of the issues you are experiencing and the steps you have tried to remedy the problem.

Thank you again for your continue patience,

The Illinois EI Training Program