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Date Training Location Status
7/29/2010 - 4/21/2016 Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS): Differential Diagnosis Webinar
1/25/2011 - 12/3/2014 Music and Autism: Connection in a Disconnected World Webinar
10/16/2011 - 10/19/2012 NDT/Bobath 7-Week Course in the Treatment of Children with Cerebral Palsy City Kids, Inc.
11/9/2011 - 11/9/2012 Autism Awareness and Resource Forum McHenry County Mental Health Board
Crystal Lake
12/27/2011 - 12/27/2012 Developing Evidence-Based Interventions in Early Childhood Aged Children with ASD Webinar
2/29/2012 - 2/11/2016 The Neurobiological Basis of Autism: Relevant Findings in Language Development Webinar
3/4/2012 - 1/30/2015 Social Communication Intervention for Young Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders
4/2/2012 - 7/19/2012 Service Coordination Checklist Pilot (EITP Sponsored)
4/27/2012 - 6/8/2012 "Baby Steps and Building Blocks" - The Infant/Toddler Development Institute (EITP Sponsored) Keller Convention Center
5/17/2012 Pediatric Feeding Workshop Monmouth Country Club
5/17/2012 Minor Malformations, Hyperactivity, and Learning Disabilities Easter Seals
5/17/2012 Ports of Entry: Behavioral Therapy as a Social Emotional Intervention Child and Family Conncetion #7
5/17/2012 New Baby: Sleep and Development Smart Love Preschool