Credit Request Help

  1. Sponsoring Organizations/Training Attendees
  2. Event Types
  3. Add Additional Location, Date, and Time
  4. Website
  5. Program/Agenda Example
  6. Post Date
  7. Submit a Repeat Request

Sponsoring Organizations/Training Attendees

  • Sponsoring Organizations (or Training Sponsors) are those entities that host, organize and /or facilitate trainings, workshops and conferences.
  • Training Attendees are participants that attend a training, workshop or conference. Effective March 1, 2012, the Illinois Early Intervention Training Program will no longer accept credit requests from Training Attendees and will ONLY accept and review EI Activity Credit Requests received from sponsoring organizations and submitted through our online process. See our Notice on Changes in the Credit Request Process for March 2012 for more information.

Event Types

  • Workshop: A singular training event that is not a part of a larger training event and in which the same participants are anticipated to be a part of from beginning to end.
  • Conference: A larger training event of a general topic that offers optional training events (i.e., breakout sessions, conference workshops, round table discussions, et al.) focusing on more specific topics related to the general topic of the conference.
  • Online Training/Course: Any training event in which an individual's participation requires internet access and that successful completion of the event is measurable by the sponsoring entity and/or hosting platform
  • Webinar: A live, interactive training event in which an individual's participation requires internet access and that successful participation is confirmed by the sponsoring entity
  • Teleconference: A live, interactive training event in which an individual's participation requires pre-printed training materials and telephone access. Successful participation is confirmed by the sponsoring entity.

Add Additional Location, Date, and Time

Sponsoring organizations may include multiple locations, dates, and times for re-occurring events when they submit a credit request.  If information other than the location, date, and time are different then the sponsoring organization would be required to submit a new credit request.  Please note that if  events vary in lengths of time (i.e. one date the event is for 6 hours and one date the event is for 4 hours) then those events are not considered re-occurring events. Please submit those events as a new request and the hours of credit that are approved/denied will vary accordingly.


The purpose of this field is to have a website, typically that of the sponsoring agency, that offers specific information about a particular training event, i.e., event description, details, how to register, etc.

If there is no web site, submit the sponsor's promotional brochure/flier for this training event for review. Send to the Illinois EI Training Program, by:

  • FAX - 708-444-8470
  • EMAIL -
  • USPS - 7550 West 183rd St ~ Tinley Park, IL 60477 

Program/Agenda Example

8:00 am Sign-in/Registration

8:15 am Introduction/Expectations of the workshop

8:30 am General History of Hostess

9:00 am The Development of the Crème Filling

10:00 am Short Break

10:15 am Pro's and Con's of Hostess snack cakes

11:45 am Lunch Break

1:00 pm Twinkies vs. Suzy Q's - determining the appropriate Hostess snack

2:15 pm Short Break

2:30 pm Nutritional values/Sharing recipes

3:00 pm Dismiss

Post Date

All training events reviewed for early intervention credit will be posted on the IL Early Intervention Training Program's web calendar of events. If you DO NOT want your event open to the general early intervention population, this event will not be added to the Training Program's web calendar before the date you select. The date selected on the calendar is the date the event posts.

Submit a Repeat Request

A repeat request with a different date, time, and/or location can be submitted if it has already been approved or is in pending status. If any other information of the event has changed they it would require you to submit a new request.  Please note that Repeat Requests cannot be submitted for requests that have been previously denied. If information beyond the date, time, and/or location is different than the original request, please submit a new request.